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Flax Seed Cereals

Flax Seed taken in any form promotes health and fulfills the requirement of the body. Body needs at least 25-30 Gms of fiber everyday. But only 8.75 gms of fiber the body gets everyday. To get the required amount of fiber daily add ¼ cup of flax seed in your diet which contains approximately 20 grams of fiber that prevents coronary disease and certain cancers . The same with the essential fatty acids which we get from cold water fish like Salmon. One needs to take at least 3 pounds of salmon to get the essential fatty acids which equals to not more than ¼ cup of flax seed. This will help you to have healthy cholesterol levels, proper digestion and keeps your skin healthy.

It not only cleanses and detoxifies but also nourishes and renews the body and that is why it should be included in the food in different forms. The maximum benefits of flax seed can be derived when it is mixed with different foods. Many people love the nutty buttery taste and mix it with bakery products, soups, smoothies, breakfast bars and cereals. The store brought cereals usually have whole flax seed in such case add a tablespoon of ground flax seed in your breakfast cereal and enjoy the flavor and taste. Morning breakfast, with nutritious and delicious hot breakfast cereal having flax seed meal will be a natural energizer and full of health benefits.
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