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Golden flax seed

One of the riches sources of essential fatty acids is the golden flax seeds. This kind of flax seed contains twice as much fatty acids as that of fish oil.

The golden flax seed differs from the brown in that the brown type can was developed primarily for linseed oil, paint and solvents. However, the golden flax seeds was developed to be consume by people and it is known for its buttery flavor. But this is not to say that the brown flax seed cannot be eaten because in truth, brown flax seeds are edible too.

Golden flax seeds can be purchased whole and grinded in the home before being used in recipes. When not immediately used, the golden flax seeds can be stored in airtight containers and refrigerated to make it last for a few weeks.

The health benefits to be derived from consuming golden flax seeds can be tremendous. Golden flax seeds contain rich amounts of lignan which is suggested to help treat certain kinds of cancer like mammary cancer. Other good contents of golden flax seeds include magnesium, zinc, mucilage, protein, phytosterols, linolenic acid and dietary fibers.

Some good effects of taking golden flax seeds include increased sense of calmness under stress, enhanced immune system, helps with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), eases inflammatory tissue conditions, lowered high blood pressure and reduced threat of blood clots.

It is recommended that an adult person takes 3 tablespoons of ground golden flax seeds daily to get the daily requirement of essential fatty acids. Golden flax seeds may be mixed with favorite food preparation or beverage or simple taken straight.

Golden flax seeds are easily available in all pharmacies and health stores worldwide.
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